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As a blogger, I always find difficult using images from internet. All "Copyright acts" and "Intellectual property acts" keep on bothering me before downloading and using images from internet.
I am sure that my other blogger friends must also be facing the same issue. Friends, here is a solution for you from NetBhet.

Not all images uploaded on internet are protected under copyrights. Certain images are secured under "Creative commons" which means we can either download such images or use them commercially or can modify and use them commercially. The question is how to find such images and where?
There are two major websites to help us find "Creative commons" images. Google and Flickr (Flickr belongs to Yahoo)

Google Image search -
  1. On Google homepage, you will find an Image tab. Click on it and you will enter Image search feature of Google.
  2. Now click on advanced image search
  3. You will be presented with "advanced image search" . Enter the keyword of your search query in first row of 'Find results' in appropriate field
  4. In second last row of 'Usage Rights' select the last one 'labeled for commercial reuse with modification'
  5. And hit 'Google search' button.
Now you will be presented with all the images which can be modified and reused for any commercial application.

Flickr -

1. On flickr.com homepage search for your query
2. All images related to search query will be displayed on screen.
3. Click on 'Advanced search'
4. Scroll down to the creative commons section and select all three checkboxes as shown in image. 5. Hit search button.

All results displayed can be used in your blogs commercially.

(There are few more websites which provides free stock photos and I am in process to compile an exhaustive list of all such sites. Ensure that you don't miss out on those sites.

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