marathi vyangchitra

ब्लॉगचे नाव
marathi vyangchitra
नाव Mahendra
ब्लॉग लिंकhttp://vyangchitra.blogspot.com/
ब्लॉगचे विषयविडंबन (Parody) 
ब्लॉगचे विषय
ब्लॉगचे विषयकला (Arts) 
ब्लॉगचे विषयगप्पा (Fibbing)
ब्लॉगबद्दल माहिती

"My blog reflects comments made trough CARTOONS on current socio-political issues. These are the very issues that make or mar our modern life. It is an outcome of my serious concerns I feel towards degradation of of our moral and cultural values.

The humor is casual but the effect made by it  is intended to stay longer."
ईमेल पत्ता (Email id)maheshb56@rediffmail.com
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