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नाव Sarvadnya Media Services
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शहर Pune
देश India
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Sarvadnya is the firm which gives many services in field of words and content writing. Sarvadnya has a good team of experienced persons from media.

We provide services like Writing, updating and keeping maintenance of your blog, translation, making work reports (especially for politicians), handling all the issues regarding content department for company, person and institute.

Sarvadnya means Lord Ganesh. Some people think that Bhagwan Shankar is Sarvadnya. Many people have faith and use the word Sarvadnya for Tathagat Gautama Buddha. By all meanings Sarvadnya is word which is related to god and we are just travelling the path shown by him to us.

सर्वज्ञ… सर्वत्र…
ईमेल पत्ता  (Email id) sarvadnya.pune@gmail.com
ब्लॉगची वाचकसंख्या ( प्रतीमहिना ) Up to 1000 Page Views

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