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नाव Prajakt Karanjkar
ब्लॉग लिंक http://feelthetext.blogspot.com
शहर Hyderabad
देश India
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ब्लॉगबद्दल  माहिती It is a blog both in Marathi as well as English language.Here you will find all my views on different topics which I like the most and also other topics which I want to write on.It is a blog which is linked to the three most successful social networks to reach more people in less time.The topics you will find on this blogs are History,Politics,Current affairs,Poetry,Ancient History.
ईमेल पत्ता  (Email id) prajaktpk@gmail.com
ब्लॉगची वाचकसंख्या ( प्रतीमहिना ) 1000 to 5000 Page Views

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